If only becoming your grandchild’s caregiver was a simple as loving them – something you’ve been doing since the day they were born. Unfortunately it’s not quite that simple, as there are a few legal matters you must get in order first. Don’t fret just yet – this guide will walk you through some of the major legal matters you need to attend to.
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You raised your children, and you quickly realized how expensive it was – raising grandchildren is no different. At this point in your life you may be retired or only working part-time, and raising grandchildren on a fixed income requires budgeting to make ends meet. Here are a few tips to make your dollar go farther and your caregiving role a little easier:
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Kids don’t occupy their time the same way you did when you were their age, and you have technology to thank for it. Smart phones, tablets, snapchatting, and tweeting – what does it all mean? If your grandchild is using social media and apps, it is important that you understand how to use it so that you can help keep them safe online. Here are few helpful resources worth checking out:

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Gone are the days where childhood games included the Lite Brite and Etch A Sketch. Children are learning how to use cell phones and tablets and the apps and social media sites that come with them at a younger and younger age. As your child’s primary caregiver, what does this mean for you? As much as you dread it, it’s time to familiarize yourself with what your grandkids are occupying their time with. Check out this list of kid-favorite apps and social networks:

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